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29.07.2012 11:56, Lil from Sweden E-mail :
Hello! This site is a real treasure for an old lover of jazz music like me! Haven´t found any site like this. So much information, nice photos and great music with all the old master in jazz music. Have a question: I´ve got some autographs written by musicians of the Count Basie Orchestra in Sweden 1963. Jimmy Rushing was vocalist then. There is one name that I can´t read. Wonder whom he could be. It seems to me as if his forname might be MACEO followed by perhaps a double last name "Birch? - M...? Have you any idea of whom he could be....please tell me! With kind regards/Lil, Sweden

09.05.2012 16:41, ROELLY from FRANCE E-mail :
Avis aux fans de Lionel HAMPTON
bonjour, J'ai des documents sur ce musicien à échanger contre Elvis et Lisa Marie Presley, Riley Keough (actrice, top model), Juliette Greco, Jamiroquai/Jay Kay, Queen, Elise Lucet (TV), Jean-Marie Cavada (TV/député européen), Noa, Colin Firth, Tony Shalhoub (Monk), Rolando Villazon, Halle Berry (couverture/1 page), Kenneth Branagh, John Lithgow, Naomi Campbell (couverture/1 page) et CP coucher du soleil.
J'attends 1 mois pour avoir au moins 1 réponse. Merci d'avance et à bientôt. Salutations.

20.04.2012 07:08, Toot :
Happy Birthday to Lionel :)
Happy Birthday to Bebop :)
Toot ;)

10.02.2012 21:15, Bill Conwell from Ann Arbor, Michigan US E-mail :
Man, what a jewel this site is! Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this up. I've been looking for Blues I - III for a long time.
Just wonderful!

Note to Ron Aprea... If you played with Lionel Hampton, then I saw you play at Navy Pier in Chicago sometime in the early '70's. Daytime show, and at the end Lionel handed out free albums. What a performance!

03.10.2011 14:04, Ron Aprea&Angela DeNiro from New York E-mail Homepage :
Many, many, many thanks Hans, you are kind and your site is just amazing! God bless you.
Ron Aprea and Angela DeNiro.
I played with Lionel Hampton from 1969 thru 1974.

18.08.2011 01:42, Sophia Mulder from Calif. USA E-mail :
Happy Birthday!
Liefs, Sophia

17.08.2011 22:42, Galerie/Atelier "ING" :
Galerie/Atelier "ING" wenst je een gezellige muzikale verjaardag, Hey! Ba-Ba- ReBop!

17.08.2011 22:40, Tootje E-mail :
Happy Birtsday to Hans
Happy Birthsday to you.

04.06.2011 05:48, GENEVIEVE VENJOHNSON from Chicago E-mail :
Hello Hans. I was a Vocalist with Hamp in '87. He "discovered'' me, and had me come in to work with his arrangers Frank and Roberta Como, and the small and large bands. It was a magical time. We played The Blue Room [New Orleans], The Rainbow Room, etc...I miss him. Thank you for the site.

21.04.2011 06:03, Jenny, zus van Bebop :
Van harte gefeliciteerd!!!!

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Entries: 60
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