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15.04.2015 14:54, Crystle from Lubeck E-mail Homepage :
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12.02.2015 19:16, Rolf Polak from The Netherlands E-mail Homepage :
you are very good informed with your website Hans.

25.05.2013 17:17, Ker.o :
Sterkte met Hampie, een poot van BernerSennen Ker.o

20.02.2013 23:54, Burundi E-mail :
Am writing my mom's memoirs, parts of which, that I plan to convert into a screen play for future movie consideration. Her father is Kenneth Pynard Hampton (who had a sister, Elvira). My mom was told that her father, Kenneth, was Lionel's cousin and I was wondering whether Kenneth, whom my Mom' was estranged, was in that group picture and whether Kenneth's parents where in that group picture. Btw, Kenneth and Lionel would either be the same age or within a year or two. Also, my Mom's resemblance to Lionel is quite striking, as that Hampton nose is quite distinctive! Anyway, If you have any additional info on Kenneth and his parents and how his parents are related (or not), please let me know at Thanks in advance for responding! -Burundi

18.08.2012 11:02, Galerie/Atelier "ING" from Europa Homepage :
Bebop, onze hartelijke gelukwensen en een mooie creatieve dag.
Complimenten van Galerie/Atelier ING

18.08.2012 10:18, Jenny from Alphen :
Happy Birthday to my big brother. Have a nice day, the weather is lovely especially for you. I prayed to God for this weather and don't you believe it he gave it to you. Love from your little sister.

17.08.2012 22:00, Toot@Ingrid from in Holland E-mail :
Dear Hans Bebop,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Hans,
Happy Birthday to Bebop :)

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Entries: 60
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